• The Bar(n) (map)
  • 4901 Catherine St.
  • Philadelphia
  • United States

Click here for the Facebook event, and see below for details.

A note on Shabbat: 

When planning this event we were juggling a lot of bands, organizers, and venue schedules, and we were aware that this event would not be possible for everyone in our community.

If you don't use money on Shabbat, you can donate the $10 entry fee beforehand online (here) and enter the venue for free the night of. (We receive a notification when folks donate and will keep that list on hand.) Sundown tomorrow evening is 7:40 and the door opens at 7, so one could also potentially arrive and pay before Shabbat begins.

Still, we realize that the live music makes this event prohibitive for some. We plan events for a diverse community of Jews and non-Jews, and we were honestly not sure how many people in our community this would impact. We apologize that this event is inaccessible to shomer Shabbat folks and will endeavor to do a better job with these considerations in the future.