MLK Drive

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5k for Palestinian education, scholarships and mentorships.  Run is organized by Reach Education Fund.  JVP-Philly is an endorser of the Philadelphia run. 

"On your mark, get set, before you "go", let us tell you a little about where exactly you are headed. This 5K is unlike any other one you have attended, or heard about. Some people run to improve their health, and others run to improve their endurance, but Reach Education Fund is inviting you to run in order to improve the world around you.

What makes this run different is the significance behind your footsteps- because no matter where you are in the world, there are thousands of people and over 35 cities across the world walking side by side with you. So why is the academic pursuance of Palestinian youth significant to us? For those of us in college- we are probably going through constant stresses of exams, papers to write, and complaining about professors we don’t like. But in Palestine, our burden is considered a blessing. Many exceptional students graduate from high school, but are unable to pursue their dreams of attending University due to their inability to afford a higher education.

The future of these students directly impacts us because their talents and aspirations will enhance the world you and I and the future generations will live in. A world where there is less bloodshed, and more light shed. So if you're ready to "Reach" towards a better tomorrow, hit up our registration page here. If not, then you should still register or donate in honor of our impeccable use of puns."