• Headlong (map)
  • 1170 South Broad Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19146
  • USA

On January 29th the Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia will present a screening of Mr. Gaga. 

Members of the Jewish Voice for Peace Artist Council and Jewish Voice for Peace Philadelphia are hosting a lively conversation following the screening at Headlong Studios. We will discuss Gaga technique within the context of Israeli's decades-long occupation of Palestine.

JVP members will not be attending the film out of respect for the Palestinian civil society request to not patronize cultural institutions funded by the Israeli government. Batsheva Dance company receives funding from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs through their Brand Israel program. 

All are welcome to this conversation, including those who do attend the film. Our intention is to provide additional context and debate about the politics of dance in Palestine/Israel.

Participants are encouraged to read the essay, "A Dancing Body Offers Legitimacy to the State" by Shir Hacham and Ido Feder, from the book, "Social Choreography" edited by Bojana Cvejić and Ana Vujanović.

Please RSVP to receive a PDF of the essay in advance: nicolebindler@gmail.com

Participants who are coming from the screening are welcome to walk over right afterward. We'll be greeting folks at 7pm and starting the conversation at 7:30pm.

This event is FREE, but you can donate to the venue here:


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The venue is on the first floor, but it is not wheelchair accessible. There are three steps to the front door.