• 1500 Market Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19102
  • United States

JVP Philly is protesting the deadly police exchanges of worst practices between U.S. police departments, including Philadelphia's, and Israeli police and military. We will be protesting the involvement of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in funding and organizing these exchanges.

The ADL's Philadelphia offices at 1500 Market St. Gather in front of the Clothespin sculpture on 15th and Market.

About the Deadly Exchange campaign

What are US-Israel Police Exchanges?

  • Billed as opportunities for law enforcement agents (including police, ICE, and FBI) from across the US to learn counterterrorism tactics from the Israeli military and police
  • Serve to promote and extend repressive policing in both the US and Israel/Palestine, including shoot-to-kill policies, racial profiling, mass surveillance, deportation, and attacks on human rights defenders
  • A tool to cast Israel, increasingly condemned around the world for its apartheid-like policies in occupied Palestine,  as a key ally and a partner for maintaining “law and order” in the US. Israel’s expertise in using lethal force, mass surveillance and racial profiling gained through decades of military rule over Palestinians shouldn’t be a model for policing anywhere. Communities of color in the U.S. already often experience police like an occupying army.

What is the Anti-Defamation League?

  • A century-old organization, founded to protect the Jewish community from anti-semitism, whose stated mission is to fight bigotry and promote civil rights
  • A major funder and organizer of “deadly exchange” programs between US and Israeli law enforcement, and a key defender of US support for the Israeli occupation that works to label advocates of Palestinian human rights “anti-semitic”

How are Philadelphia Police involved in the exchanges?

  • 2005: Police Commissioner Johnson participates in the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA)’s Law Enforcement Exchange Program in Israel.
  • 2006: The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia hosts a trip to Israel on anti-terror security for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania state law enforcement and security officials.
  • 2011: Deputy Chief Wright attends the ADL’s Advanced Training School on “terrorist threats” in DC.
  • 2016: PA State Police Commissioner Blocker attends “elite” ADL counter-terrorism seminar in Israel.