• Kol Tzedek Office (map)
  • 707 South 50th Street
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19143
  • United States

Open Brainstorming + Dreaming workshop to plan this year's Purimshpil/show. 

Location: new Kol Tzedek Office: 707 S. 50th St. West Philadelphia. 

And save the date: This (adult) Purim Party will be held on February 24.


The Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates the events of the biblical Scroll (Book) of Esther (aka "the whole megillah") in which Jews are saved from genocidal tyranny by Esther's bravery to out herself as a Jew (+ there is much more to this story). Purim occurs in the Jewish month of Adar, when we are commanded to increase JOY and welcome a season of miracles!

A Purim-shpil ("play" in Yiddish) is a centuries-old annual ritual performance of topsy-turvy, upside-down, carnivalesque weirdness - it's in the Talmud! A time to re-read and re-interpret the Book of Esther and the daily news while wearing costumes, gayly eating triangular yonic cookies, and reveling in our surreal disorientation.

Video and photos from last year.